Thursday, February 18, 2010

STEAL from Howl At The Moon Gifts? read the headline correctly; however, it was an intentional typo to grab your attention. Actually I have a different headline for you:

"Steel for a Steal
from HowlAtTheMoonGifts"

As Howl At The Moon Gifts celebrates it's 30th anniversary along with my birthday February/March 2010, I am proud to finally premiere my new Stainless Steel jewelry collection with some incredible signature pieces. I have been talking about this for months to my customers and fellow artisans over in Etsy and I am finally starting to finish items each day.

Over the next thirty days you are going to see a couple new pieces each day, starting with pendant necklaces and then onto rings, bracelets, and then earrings. All of these new pieces will be very inexpensive..."Steel for a Steal"

Please do not be nervous. Stainless Steel is not classified as a precious metal but the good news is that is will NEVER tarnish...for life. It will not discolor your skin. It can easily be treated with permanent colors and retains tight molds and die cuts. And of course the most popular characteristic is that it is relatively inexpensive and those cost savings go directly to you.

Stainless Steel jewelry has been at the top of shopping lists for the last couple years for youth throughout the UK and Asia.

I hope you like what you will see. Please feel free to offer up your opinions and suggestions anytime. I am excited because I really think they will have you "Howlin ath the Moon" right alongside me.

Have a Howlin’ Good Day!


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