Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Howl At The Moon Gifts is Moving

"Howl At The Moon Gifts is
Bound for Houston"

After decades of "Howlin at the Moon" under the California sky, in July I am relocating Howl At The Moon Gifts to the Greater Houston area. I have accepted a job offer (for my day job) and am excited about this move. This relocation will not have any significant impact to my Howl At The Moon Gifts customers. I will be leaving the California Crafters Guild here in ArtFire and the CCCOE in Etsy, but I am sure a lot of those phenomenal relationships I have built over the years will continue to prosper.

Please note that I will be packing, working with the movers, and then driving to Houston with my kitty Pandora through the 4th of July. This may delay some orders and/or correspondence. Please be patient as I will get back to you as soon as possible. Email and phone contact information for Howl At The Moon Gifts will remain the same, as only the address is changing.

I hope that you continue to like what you see and experience in my Etsy Store and ArtFire Studio. Please feel free to offer up your opinions and suggestions anytime. I am excited because I really think they will have you "Howlin ath the Moon" right alongside me.

Have a Howlin’ Good Day!


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